Isn’t it annoying when you spent the morning looking for car keys, wallets or AC remotes and found them under the couch? Let Yuanguo Key Finder SH615 help: one remote and 6 tags (receivers) that plays alarm sound and LED light to help you find small objects easy like never before.

SH615 comes with 3M adhesives, customizable stickers and key rings so you can identify 6 receiver tags effortlessly. Package included 6 button batteries. It provides easy accessibility for people low vision or near-sightedness. The CR3032 pet-friendly battery cell supports standby time of 9 months. The radio frequency range is up to 115ft/35m and it penetrates walls, floors or cushions.



No Setup Needed, Easy to Operate

The Yuanguo Key Finder SH615 comes with everything you need: memory stickers, key rings, button cell batteries. Simply attach the receivers to your car keys, flash drives, power banks or anything you had awkward moments to find. Place the remote control where you can find easily, or use 3M adhesive (included in package) to keep it somewhere secure.


Alarm and LED Light to Locate

When one receiver is activated from remote, it locates itself by 2 ways: 80dB loud alarm (not annoying sound but enough for you to hear from 30 meters distance) and LED light for even more convenient search in the dark.


Customizable Stickers

The 6 receivers are identified as A to F, but you can always customize by memory stick (text or graphic, all included in package). You will find infinite possibilities to use SH615. For example, a photography/videography studio could use it for organizing cameras and accessories; keep one receiver in your tool box and the hammers and screw drivers will always find a way to home.


Standby Time for 9 Months

6 button style cell batteries are included. Each one could support one tag receiver to standby for 9 months. Change the batteries before they’re dying. Each receiver has a size of only 5 x 3 x 0.7 mm, which barely occupies space in your room organization.



Working time: 9 months

Standby time: 12 months

Case material: ABS

Frequency: 433.92 MHz

Power Supply (Transmitter): 1.5 V × 2 AAA (transmitter battery is not included) CR2032 button cell (1pc/ receiver, 6 batteries included)

Sound: 75--85dB

Frequency response: 30 ~ 40 meters

Size (transmitter): 10.3 × 4 × 2.6 cm

Size (receiver): 5.2 × 3.2 × 0.7 mm

Weight: 130 g


In The Box

1 x Remote control (transmitter, battery not included)

6 x Receiver

6 x CR2032 button cell

6 x Key ring

8 x Adhesive

1 x User manual

1 x Icon sticker

1 x Custom sticker


Power 1.5 V × 2 AAA (transmitter battery is not included) CR2032 button cell (1pc/ receiver, 6 batteries included)
Material(s) ABS
Item Dimensions (transmitter): 10.3 × 4 × 2.6 cm; (receiver): 5.2 × 3.2 × 0.7 mm
Item Weight 130 g / 4.6 oz
Frequency Response 30 ~ 40 meters
Standby Time 12 Months

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