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Introducing the health manager on the wrist: HolyHigh Q58 Smart Watch with latest BMA421 photoelectric sensor, heart rate monitor, pedometer, sleep monitor, activity tracker. It provides accurate body index tracking including heart rate, blood pressure, blood oxygen and sleeping hours. Data is automatically synchronized on iOS or Android app for detailed analysis at the end of each day.

Charge 2 hours and Q58 will run for 7 to 10 days. Great selection as a gift to family, partner or friend.

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Accurate Fitness Tracking

HolyHigh Q58 Fitness tracker will keep your steps tracked, distance recorded and burned calories monitored. The activity tracker can do real-time heart rate, steps and distance monitoring when you walk, run, ride bicycles, jump rope, play badminton/basketball/football and swim. Do more exercise with your personal smart watch.

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Waterproof & Sweatproof

The waterproof technology leaves you with a peace of mind. HolyHigh wireless earphones will be a good companion with you no matter where you go and when you need.

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IP68 Waterproof & Sweatproof

IP68 waterproof technology liberates you from worries about water and sweat damages. Enjoy your sports with no fear of raining and swimming. Wristband is made of skin-friendly ABS material, and the panel is sealed securely for the highest level waterproof.

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2 Steps to connect your smartphone

1.Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone; Open "Da Fit" App.
2.Click "TO ADD"(search your watch model)-choose the correct watch model to connect- connection succeeds.

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Mechanical Control

Mechanical and hidden touch keys. Different from complex-operation smart watches with multi-buttons, Q58 provides versatile and powerful functions with only two buttons(on/off switch and multifuction button) and a touch screen(hidden touch screen).

Heart Rate Panel Da Fit Download app

Manage Data via Smart Phone

Installing the free APP "Da Fit" makes it available to synchronize data at 00:00 every day, analyze your healthy data, compare with historical data and similar users and track your sport route by GPS. Moreover, Q58 can also help to set a sports goal, send notifications, edit alarm clock, control the camera and so on.

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