Tilswall 50W Hot Glue Gun with 12pcs Glue Sticks Pack

Tilswall 50W Hot Glue Gun with 12pcs Glue Sticks Pack

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Tilswall Hot Glue Gun Banner for DIY handicraft

Tilswall Hot Glue Gun - for DIY Handicraft with Wood/Metal/Plastic/Paper/Cardboard/Ceramics/Fabrics/Glass and More

Designed for home quick repair, school DIY projects, and office, Tilswall hot glue melting gun heats up within 3 minutes and keep the temperature 329℉ constant for long. It comes with a 50-watt heating element ( Higher than most mini one) and can accommodate up to 12 glue sticks each measuring 5.12 inches. The detachable auxiliary stand and insulated silicone nozzle will keep you protected from heat. LED light mode and easy-to-reach power switch will make a little mess of your project.

--Compact ergonomic design is easy to carry and also suitable for kids when it comes for their handcraft project.

How to choose a hot glue gun?

There are several issues that come into plan when trying to find a best mini hot glue gun. First, you need to know the kind of temperature it operates in as it determines its suitability for the task at hand, second, you need to focus on the wattage which determines how hot and fast the glue will melt. High wattage means it will take the gun lesser time to melt the glue sticks. Third,Thermal insulation also influences the choice of gun. For instance, shell materials such as ABS, Nylon are usually used with a mini hot glue melting gun.

Tilswall Hot Glue Gun Creates Its Own Way!

  • [ 3 unique design ] --Anti-drip, Anti-scald & Trigger Design
  • [ 50W working power & Only 3 minute warm-up time ]---means melting hot glue effectively & steadily, less waiting time you need to melt the glue
  • [ Cool Color Match ]--Mixed color with calm blue and active orange is not dull, not exaggerated.
  • [ High temperature resistance Nylon shell & Flexible trigger ]-- assures for longivity use instead of most common ABS one & provides easy handling with the thumb controlled feeder holds adhesive stick securely and gives you more control on glue deliver
Tilswall Hot Glue Gun Specifications User Instruction download manual
tilswall us patented hot glue gun

60,000 Times Trigger Lifecycle

With a combination of POM & Nylon, the trigger has a amazingly long lifecycle up to 60,000 times. To release the molten/melted glue, you need pull the trigger with lots of back and forth movements, so the trigger material is critical for any hot glue gun. A bad hot glue gun not only wastes your time/money/efforts, it may also destroy your project. Imagine when some glue is expected to make something good, fixed or better, but it turns out a ton of glue string to cause a mess. Now just stop this nightmare and use Tilswall instead:

  • Stronger bond: Hot glue forms a stronger bond.
  • Less Messy: The gun trigger allows you to effectively control and direct the glue to the designated areas.
  • Safe: The gun reduces the odds of you getting burnt by the glue or your skin coming into direct contact with the glue.
  • Noise Isolated: POM & Nylon double combination achieve the goal of mute effect.

Easy-to-reach Power Switch & LED Indicator

One of the biggest advantages of our mini-version is the on/off button. If you’re in the middle of a project and only need to use the glue gun intermittently, just flip the switch to off while leaving the unit plugged in. When you need the glue gun again, turn it back to on, at the same time, our mini hot glue gun is also applying premium PTC automatic heating system and will keep the constant temperature at 329℉ for fast access to hot glue. Not very many mini glue guns provide this functionality.

LED Indicator Will Remind You That The Hot Glue Gun Is On/OFF to Keep Safe

tilswall melted glue gun trigger lifecycle
glue gun insert stick replacement instruction

Easily Stick Replacement

Smooth round socket makes it easy to insert the glue stick, and silicone suction keeps it stay fixed. You don't need to worry about the glue stick shaking when pulling the trigger.

thermal insulated bracket DIY tools

Protective Silicone Cover

Not like others without silicone cover, we understand that all work need to be done in high temperature, sometimes we may touch the nozzle inadvertently and hot to ourselves, so silicone cover protection is very necessary for your project.

glue gun silicone protection

Detachable Thermal Insulated Support Bracket

A support bracket is very helpful to make sure that you find the right angle downwards and make you energy-saving, but metal one has good thermal conductivity which will increase the chance of being burned.That's why we choose Thermally Insulated Plastic Support Bracket to protect you from scalding better.

plastic gluegun Tilswall home and tools

Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomic Handle is a must for a tool, Tilswall 4-finger Handle is precisely designed by Ergonomic standard to provide a good grip, you can feel relax even using it for a long time for quick repairs and small craft projects.


  • Do NOT use in humid environment to avoid electric shock
  • Do NOT pull out of the remanent glue sticks from hot glue gun after each time of using.
  • Insert a new one to push the remaining short sticks.
  • Do NOT disassemble the melt glue gun in any case.
Basic Infomation
Item Number TW903
Dimensions 140 x 134 x 34 mm / 5.5 x 5.3 x 1.3 inches
Weight 550 g / 19.4 oz
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