HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8

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HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8 is not just a set of total wireless earbuds - the charging case itself can be used as a power bank, to charge your iPhone, Samsung S10, Huawei Mate X, Xiaomi or any mobile phone. 



Power Bank and TWS Headphone 2-in-1

The 3000 mAh charging case of these bluetooth earbuds, with a USB port, allows you to charge your phone and other devices when needed. You don't have to carry a heavy power bank anymore. This charging box can solve the energy troubles of your Bluetooth earbuds and mobile phone.


Up to 120h Playing Time

Adopted the Bluetooth 5.0 chip with low power consumption technology, these wireless earbuds can play music up to 4 hours once charged. While its 3000mAh charging case offer addition 116 hours battery life. Enjoy music as you want without worries about energy.


Superior Music Quality

The wireless headphones with True Wireless Stereo Technology to deliver deep bass and crystal crisp treble, can also filter the outside noise to ensure the audio sound quality is clear, making it easier to listen to music of answer phone calls. Best choice to isolate from the outside world and immersed in the world of music.


Touch Control

Compare with the push-button earphones on the market, the advanced touch design frees you from the discomfort and pain of pressing the headphones into your ears. With one or a few clicks and press the touch control area, you can quickly master all the operations of this Bluetooth earphones: Play/Pause, Previous/Next Song, Volume +/-, Answer/Hang up/Reject Calls, Re-dial the most recent number...


Comfortable Wearing

The Bluetooth headsets weigh only 4g and feature an ergonomic design. Only a few minutes after wearing them and you will forget that they're in your ears. We also offer 3 pairs of soft silicone ear tips of different sizes(S, M, L). Choose the pair that suits your ears best and then start enjoying your music journey!



Bluetooth 5.0


In the Box

1 x HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8

1 x 3000mAh Charging Case

3 x Earbud Tips (Left and Right), 3 Sizes

1 x User Manual


Item Number AD578
Item Dimensions 70 x 45 x 25 mm / 2.8 x 1.8 x 1 inches
Item Weight 100 g / 3.5 oz
Compatibility Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Lithium Polymer. 50mAh (Earbud), 3000mAh (Charging Case)

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