Vigorun Foot Massagger for Home Health Care

With EMS technology, your foot massager will easily release your tired foot and calf muscles and improve blood circulation. Skin-friendly silver ion printed circuit gives you a comfortable experience in a sanitary and healthy way. Different from traditional thumper foot massagers, EMS foot massager is very mild and works well for all skin types.

There are two EMS massaging modes. One is beating continuously to promote blood circulation. The other is a combination of beating and pressing to relieve your feet. EMS foot massager has 15 adjustable intensity levels from weakness to strength as you like. Turn on the foot massager machine, and it will enter automatic cycle and end after 25 minutes.



Low-Frequency Pulses EMS foot Massager

EMS(Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technology is to "cheat" the muscles by simulating the brain's bioelectrical signals. In short, it simulates the brain to send signals to the muscles and nerves, ordering the muscles to move themselves.


Radio Frequency Remote Control

Equipped with RF remote control, you can easily adjust the intensity without bending down to operate the device. It can be controlled by remote control within 10 meters. Built-in rechargeable battery to power the massager and equipped with the USB charging cable for charging, our EMS foot massager is used in a more convenient way.


Two modes switch as you like

Press the “M”button to switch the massaging mode. The foot massager defaults to switch from Mode 1 (beating continously) to Mode 2 (beating + pressing), and the LED light changes from white to green by default.



Detachable main unit with rechargeable battery

2 massaging modes and 15 intensity levels

25-minutes automatic cycle

USB charging

RF remote control

Dimensions: 31 × 31 cm

Item Weight: 100g


In the Box

1 x Vigorun EMS Foot Massage Pad HC705

1 x User Manual

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