X9Plus Q&A

X9Plus  Q&A


1. Q: How to activate charging?

A: When you put the headphones into the charging box and one of the headphones is not lit, you can try to take out the two headphones together and put them back into the box to light the charging indicator.

In another case, if the headset is fully charged, the headset will enter sleep mode, so the charging indicator will not be illuminated.


2. Q: Is there a sound interruption in one of the headphones? A: Please adjust the position of the earphones. You can also try a pair of larger earplugs.


3. Q: Bluetooth signal is unstable, please try the following methods:

A: 1. Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, delete previous matching records in the mobile phone, and reconnect

2. Shut down and restart the phone and Bluetooth headset.

3. Bluetooth headset transmits signals by linear distance. The signal within 10 meters is the best. It depends on the signal receiving strength of the mobile phone. The effect of each mobile phone is different. Obstructions will cause intermittent phenomenon, you can try to put the headset and the phone on the same side for testing, the effect will be better.


4. Q: How does touch control music?

A: One touch --- play / pause Double touch right earbud --- next song Double touch left earbud --- volume increase (when the volume reaches the maximum, further operation will be restarted set to minimum to start over).


5. Q: Can the breathing light be turned off ?

A: Yes, the LED ring light can be turned off when in use. After the Bluetooth connection, you can press and hold the touch button for 5 seconds to turn off the LED.


6. Q: Does it have a microphone? Can I use it when I call?

A: Yes, the headphones have a built-in microphone on the left and right ears for talking. You can answer or hang up the phone by clicking the headset button on the left or right side.

One touch---answer (touch again to hang up) long touch---reject answer.


7. Q: Will it tell you know who is calling you?

A: When the call arrives, the headset will alert you and tell you the phone number (the contact name will not be told).


8. Q: How do I know that the charging box is fully charged?

A: The charging box has a small LED to indicate the charging status. It may continue to flash 1x, 2x, 3x or 4x. 1x flashing = almost empty, 4x flashing = fully charged.


9. Q: Only one headset can be connected. How to pair the two headphones?

A: Under normal conditions, the two headphones will be automatically paired when they are turned on. If they don't pair with each other, delete the previous connection history on your phone and turn on both headphones at the same time. Click the right headset a few times until you hear the voice prompt "Left channel" "Right channel".

If it still doesn't work, you can try to restore the factory settings: Take two headsets out of the charging box, press and hold for about 5~8 seconds until they flash quickly, then restart your phone's Bluetooth to connect them again.