HolyHigh TWS-i7 Plus True Wireless Earphone i19 is a simple upgrade on charging box from Arbily Lab’s TWS-i7.

The new charging box carries a 3000mAh large battery, which is almost 4 times as big as its predecessor. The audio quality and specs are the same as Arbily / HolyHigh TWS i7.



2 Earbuds can be used separately

Isn’t it amazing that TWS-i7 Plus can actually be used as 2 individual Bluetooth earbuds, on 2 different devices? When you only need it for communication instead of stereo music, you can share one with your family or colleague, and put them back in the charging box at the end of the day.


Premium Sound Quality

The built-in graphene diaphragm 10mm unit delivers high fidelity sound which brings you finest music details from 20 to 20k Hz frequency range, which means sounds like high pitch and deep bass will be captured from raw music files and delivered to your ears with minimum distortion. Enjoy the unparallel hi-res music with Bluetooth 5.0 and CVC 6.0 Noise Cancelling technologies.


Ergonomic Design

TWS-i7 provides a personalized wearing experience. Securely fitting earbuds ensure reliable in-ear stability, with 3 sets of earbud tips. Water/sweat resistant design is perfect for sports. The earbud is 5 grams only so you can barely feel the weight even after wearing it for long hours.


Two, or More Weeks a Charge

Our best seller TWS-i7 is suggested to be charged weekly, by an estimate of typical usage. TWS-i7 Plus took it to another level: with 3000mAh charging box, you can charge the box one time, and use the earbuds for 2 or more weeks, assuming you use them 3 hours a day.


Portable Charging Case

Simply leave the earbuds in the pocket-sized charging case and it’s turned off automatically. It fits your backpack, or even jeans pocket. The charging case can be charged by USB cable which is also included in the package.



Bluetooth 5.0, iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS


In the Box

1 x HolyHigh TWS-i7 Plus True Wireless Earbuds (Left and Right)

1 x Charging Case

3 x Earbud Tips (Left and Right), 3 Sizes

1 x User Manual

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Q: How to charge?
A: Place the earbuds into the charging box, LED lights will flash slowly, which shows charging has started automatically. Charging will stop automatically after a full charge. The charging box can be charged with a standard micro USB cable (included in package).

Q: Charging time and play time?
A: The charging box takes 2 hours to fully charge. It can charge the headphones to full for 30 times. Play time for medium volume music: around 3 hours. Battery life for phone conversation: more than 4 hours.

Q: Bluetooth signal is weak/unstable. What can I do?
A: Try the following steps: 1. Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth, delete the previous pairing records in the mobile phone, and reconnect. 2. Shut down and restart the phone and Bluetooth headset, then reconnect. 3. Bluetooth headset transmits signals in the straight distance. The signal within 10 meters is the best. It depends on the signal receiving strength of the mobile phone. The effect of each mobile phone is different. Obstructions will cause intermittent phenomenon, you can try to put the headset and the phone on the same side for testing, the effect will be better.

Q: Does it come with playback control?
A: Yes. Long Press - Turn on the earbud(s) Single Click - Play/Pause Double Click on Right - Play Next Double Click on Left - Volume Up (volume level will rotate from lowest to highest)

Q: Can I turn off the breathing light?
A: Yes. After the Bluetooth is connected, you can press and hold the touch button for 5 seconds to turn off the light.

Q: Does it have a microphone? Can I use it for calls?
A: Yes, each earbud comes with a built-in microphone for talking. When there's incoming call, you can single click on either left or right earbud to answer the call, or long press to reject call.

Q: Will it tell you who is calling you?
A: When the phone rings, the headset will tell you the phone number by voice (but not contact name).

Q: How do I know that the charging box is fully charged?
A: The charging box has an array of small LED lights to indicate the charging status. When all lights are flashing it's almost fully charged.

Q: Only one earbud can be connected. How to pair the two headphones?
A: Normally the two headphones will be automatically paired the moment they are turned on. If they don't pair with each other, remove previous Bluetooth connection history in your phone and turn on both headphones at the same time. Click the right headphone a few times until you hear the voice prompt "Left channel" "Right channel". If it still doesn't work, you can try to restore the factory settings: take two earbuds out of the charging box, press and hold for about 7 seconds until LED lights flash quickly, then restart your phone's Bluetooth to connect.