HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8

HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8

Powerful deep bass, CVC8.0 noise cancelling, low energy consumption and 3000mAh large charging box
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Embrace a true wireless stereo experience with no worries of falling earbuds. HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8 is not just a set of total wireless earbuds - the charging case itself can be used as a power bank to charge your smart phoen.
HolyHigh has been dedicated to producing Bluetooth audio device for years, provide affordable and quality products.
Let’s explore your music festival in HolyHigh mini in-ear wireless earbuds.

HolyHigh TWS T8 Bluetooth connection guide

Bluetooth Connection Guide (Stereo Mode)

  1. Take out these two earphones together then they will connect with each other automatically
  2. Turn on bluetooth on your phone,find "T8".
  3. Click"T8", connect successfully.

Bluetooth Connection Guide (Single Mode)

  1. Pull out one earbud out of the charging box.
  2. Turn on Bluetooth function in your smart phoen, find "T8-L" or "T8-R" depending on which earbud you just took out.
  3. Click and wait for connection is complete.
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TWS-T8 closeup voice filter mockup

Touch Control

Compare with the push-button earphones on the market, the advanced touch design frees you from the discomfort and pain of pressing the headphones into your ears. With one or a few clicks and press the touch control area, you can quickly master all the operations of this Bluetooth earphones: Play/Pause, Previous/Next Song, Volume +/-, Answer/Hang up/Reject Calls, Re-dial the most recent number...

TWS T8 dual stereo mono modes

Dual Channel Sharing Mode

The Bluetooth 5.0 technology supports 3x speed/bandwidth compared to Bluetooth 4.2. It enabled HolyHigh TWS-T8 to play music smoothly in either TWS mode or Mono mode.
Mono Mode: Each earbud can be used as an individual, with its own input device. You can actually use TWS-T8 as 2 seperate earbuds.
TWS Mode: Pair T8-L and T8-R earbuds before connecting a smart phone or other devices. Use both earbuds as one pair to enjoy true wireless stereo audio.

light weight true wireless earbud

Nothing but High-Fidelity in Ear

The Bluetooth headsets weigh only 4g and feature an ergonomic design. Only a few minutes after wearing them and you will forget that they're in your ears. We also offer 3 pairs of soft silicone ear tips of different sizes(S, M, L). Choose the pair that suits your ears best and then start enjoying your music journey! The wireless headphone delivers deep bass and crystal crisp treble, can also filter the outside noise to ensure the audio sound quality is clear, making it easier to listen to music of answer phone calls. Best choice to isolate from the outside world and immersed in the world of music.

HolyHigh TWS-T8 3000mAh Charging Case for Phone

Power Bank and TWS Headphone 2-in-1

The 3000 mAh charging case of these bluetooth earbuds, with a USB port, allows you to charge your phone and other devices when needed. You don't have to carry a heavy power bank anymore. This charging box can solve the energy troubles of both your Bluetooth earbuds and mobile phone. The earbuds with 50mAh built-in battery can play music for 4 hours (at 50% volume). The capsule provides battery power that charges 2 earbuds for 20+ cycles, which sums up to 80 hours playback time.

HolyHigh earphone waterproof

IPX6 Water/Sweat Resistant

The earbud is designed and build as a perfectly sealed, solid productivity tool. It comes with IPX6 waterproof which allows you to wear it when exercising, cyclying, running without worrying about sweat/water damage.

portable charging case earbuds

Hands-Free Talking/Music, Anywhere

A pocket-sized charging capsule allows you to carry HolyHigh-T8 anywhere, without concerning battery life. Each earbud weights only 4 grams, which is smaller and lighter than a coin. At the size of half of the conventional earphones on the market, T8 does not compromise in its quality. You will not feel pain when long-lasting wear, just enjoy sports and outdoors activities.

HolyHigh TWS-T8 Package Includes User Manual

Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 Technology

  • 1 x HolyHigh Bluetooth Headphone TWS T8
  • 1 x 3000mAh Charging Case
  • 3 x Earbud Tips (Left and Right), 3 Sizes
  • 1 x User Manual
Basic Infomation
Item Number AD578
Dimensions 70 x 45 x 25 mm / 2.8 x 1.8 x 1 inches
Weight 100 g / 3.5 oz
Compatibility Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Lithium Polymer. 50mAh (Earbud), 3000mAh (Charging Case)
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Q: Why is the headphone sound intermittent?
A: It's maybe affected by the environment, charge to another place to check. If this situation is sustained. pls contact us."

Q: Why can not play music after reset?
A: You must pair the earbud with smartphone againDelete the TWS-T8"" from the connectd devi ce list and search again for new paring."

Q: What is "one link two"?
A: The earbud can link to 2 smartphones at the same time.Steps: link to the first smartphone and then switch off the Bluetooth of this smartphone. Link to the second smartphone and then switch on the Bluetooth of the first smartphone."

Q: There are three Bluetooth names for the headset, T8, T8-L, T8-R. How to distinguish?
A: This headset supports both mono and dual ear mode. When the earbuds are used, the left earbud is the main machine. When both earbuds are taken out from the charging case, the left earbud will automatically pair with the right earbud, and the Bluetooth name of “T8”will be shown; when the left earbuds is used alone, it will show“T8 -L"" Bluetooth name; when the right earbuds is used alone, it will show the Bluetooth name of ""T8-R""."

Q: What is the battery life of the headset and the charging case? Why is it 90 hours?
A: The battery capacity of both earbuds is 50mAh. The battery life is about 4 hours when the single earbuds is used, and the battery life is about 3.5 hours when the dual ear mode is used. The battery capacity of the charging case is 3000 mAh, which can be used for charging 20-30 times for the headphones. 90 hours is the result of testing in our laboratory under normal use frequency. It is only for reference."

Q: When does the breathing light of the earbuds light up and when does it goes out?
A: When the earphone is in the charging state, the breathing light flashes, and then goes out; when both earphones are taken out of the charging case, the left and right earphones are flashing. After the left and right earphones are paired with each other, the left earphone breathing light flashes, and the right earphone breathing light is extinguished, and after pairing with mobile phone successfully, the breathing light of earphones are turned off, and the breathing light remains off when the earphone is in use."

Q: How to reset the headset to factory settings?
A: Put the earphone in the charging case, touch the button three times continuously, the breathing light flashes twice, and light goes off for one second indicate that the factory setting has been restored. After the factory setting is restored, the earphone will clear the historical pairing record. If you need to restore the factory settings both earbuds.Please note that the left and right headphones are separately restored to the factory settings. "

Q: The connection is smooth when the left ear is used alone, but it cannot be connected to the mobile phone when the right ear is used alone (turn off the Bluetooth of mobile phone and then reconnect it).
A: Put the left and right earphones back into the charging case, restart the bluetooth function of the mobile phone, and take out the right earphone separately. At this time, the right earbuds breathing light flashes, look for the bluetooth name “T8-R”, pair and connect successfully, and the breathing light of right earbuds is extinguished."

Q: What is the difference between mono mode and dual ear mode?
A: The following functions cannot be realized when using in mono mode: 1. Adjust the volume; 2. Previous song. Other functions are used normally. The following functions cannot be realized when using in dual ear mode: 1. "One in two" function. Other functions are used normally.

Q: What should I do if the headset cannot be charged or charged slowly?
A: Wipe the thimble of the earphone and the copper column of the charging case with alcohol to avoid sweat and other corrosion"

Q: Does the headset support the Siri function?
A: Yes, both mono mode and dual ear mode support Siri call-out, touch the left or right earphone three times to make it"

Q: How to adjust the volume and switch songs?
A: In dual ear mode, press and hold the left earphone to gradually decrease the volume, long press the right earphone to gradually increase the volume, double-click the left earphone to switch to the previous song, double-click the right earphone to switch your next song. The volume cannot be adjusted when using in mono mode and the next song can only be switched by double clicking the earphone."

Q: Will the headset be turned off when long pressing the headset to adjust the volume?
A: No, when the headphones are playing music or talking, long pressing of the touch button will not cause the shutdown. Long pressing of the touch key will shut down only when the headset is not in use."

Q: What should I do if the headset cannot be turned on and the breathing light does not flash?
A: Please make sure that the headset is not connected by other mobile phones. If you can't confirm, please put the headset into the charging case and restore to factory settings, clear all the pairing records, and then take out the headset to try to connect. If the breathing light still does not flash, try to turn it on manually, press and hold the headset touch button until the breathing light flashes."

Q: In the dual ear mode, the right earphone has sound, and the left earphone has no sound. What should I do?
A: Please check if the Bluetooth pairing name of the mobile phone is “T8”. If the connection is “T8-R”, there is no sound in the left earphone. Please put the left and right earphones back into the charging case, turn off the mobile phone Bluetooth. Take out the left and right earphones, after successful pairing (the left earphones flashing, the right earphones are off), turn on the phone Bluetooth, look for the Bluetooth name “T8”, pair and connect, after the connection is successful, the breathing light of left and right earphones are off. If the bluetooth pairing name is “T8”, the left earphone still has no sound. Please try to put the earphone back into the charging case and click it three times to restore to the factory settings." Q: Is it normal when the charging case getting hot?
A: We recommend that customers use the 5V/1A USB plug to charge the charging box. If it is in this specification, the charging box may be slightly heated. When the charging box is in low battery, if you charge the mobile phone under high load operation, the charging box will be slightly hot, which is normal. In order to maintain the battery life of the charging box, we recommend that customers use the 5V/1A USB plug for charging and avoid charging the phone in case of low battery.

Q: Will the earphones be turn off automatically?
A: It will be turn off when in standby time after 6 mins and also will be turn off when put on the charging case.

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